Oculus VR just announced a new model of Oculus Rift which is a virtual reality headset.
They announced it at the company’s connect conference in Los Angeles, The new model is called Crescent Bay Rift.

Crescent Bay Rift, A New Model Of Oculus Rift Announced


The new model contains built-in headphones with improved volume tracking and high-quality integrated audio. Crescent Bay Rift is much lighter in weight as compared to the original Osulus Rift, it also has some LED lights in the back, Except other software improvements Crescent Bay Rift includes an addition of 360 movement tracking in the new model which will allow the user to move around 360 degrees without disturbing your game.



Oculus also said that they have licensed RealSpace3D’s audio technology, which is a software stack developed in almost 10 years based on technology from the University of Maryland.Which is located in Baltimore USA. “RealSpace3D’s tech enables high-fidelity VR audio with a combination of HRTF specialization and integrated reverberation algorithms”.

It was also announced that Crescent Bay Rift is a developer version of Oculus Rift and it will not be available for customers for the time being.

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