Crackdown 3, a title under development for a long time for the Xbox One is finally getting PC version of the game, as confirmed by the developers today.

The announcement was made on twitter by the official profile of Crackdown which stated the game to be supported with Xbox Play Anywhere feature. The program allows players to purchase a single copy of the game for Xbox One or Windows 10 and get a free copy for another platform. It also allows the users to share their game progress and achievements.

For the gamers owning a medium to high-end systems and Xbox One, it will be a good opportunity to switch to either platform and pay for once only. With the Play Anywhere support, it can be said that the title will be limited to Windows 10 gamers and will be available for purchase from the Windows Store.

The twitter page also hinted that more information will be revealed in the coming days, and not forget that the E3 is around the corner, so we can definitely expect some gameplays and related stuff.

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Crackdown 3 is under development by Reagent Games and was confirmed for holidays 2017 release. The title is powered by Microsoft’s Azure-powered destruction engine so the players can expect some real kind of destruction in the game. Stay tuned for more updates!

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