During the second quarter of next year (2015) Intel will launch its new processor series Intel Xeon E7 v3 series consists of no less than 11 CPUs based on the Haswell architecture incorporating instructions TSX and AVX2. Also support both memory modules DDR3 and DDR4 to increase the bandwidth, and the incorporation of up to 18 cores in a single encapsulated accompanied by as many as 45 MB of L3 cache (L3).

Models from Intel Xeon E7 series that will be released including Intel Xeon E7-4809 v3, E7-4820 v3, E7-4830 v3, E7-4850 v3, E7-8860 v3, E7-8867 v3, E7-8870 v3, E7-8880 v3, E7-8880L v3, E7-8890 v3, E7-8891 v3 and E7-8893 v3.

All series from  E7-8XXX is equipped with 18 core processors, while the Xeon E7-8860 v3, v3 E7-8870, E7-8880 v3  and E7-8890 v3 will be available in stores for any user. The other models will be used for specialized segments.

Source: CPUworld

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