At this CES 2015 apart from USB 3.0, Hydro Cooler Corsair has also come with a Gaming Chassis for players from the elite Carbide series. Corsair Carbide 110R chassis on CES 2015 has been precisely come in the two versions. The standard version and there is also Carbide 110R Silent Silent version.

Corsair Carbide 110R Gaming chassis spotted at CES 2015, Budget Chassis also in Silent Version

Corsair Carbide 110R Gaming chassis
Corsair Carbide 110R Silent Edition

Corsair Carbide 110R is a mid-tower product, maybe the look is not appealing, but it’s packed with all good chassis features. It uses all-steel, casing dimensions are 471 x200x430mm and weight is approx 4.8KG.

Carbide 110R Standard Edition has a large side window through, while Silent Edition has no side window to increase permeability and soundproofing layer. As for the other configurations are the same, support ATX motherboard, dual optical drive, 4 SSD/HDD, two independent SSD, 7 slot. Due to the narrow design, it supports only 150mm high radiator, radiator of the tower will have a certain limit, but it supports the 240 / 280mm. In addition to support 414mm length graphics cards, you can even do 2-way CF and SLI.

Corsair Carbide 110R / Silent version is priced at $ 49.99 / 59.99, the price is more attractive than the 330R.

Corsair Carbide 110R Gaming chassis
Installed everything, Clean