The World’s most awarded PSU brand corsair, has now stepped into the 1300W+ league by announcing its upcoming $450 monstrously powerful and technologically efficient PSU dubbed as AX1500i which would be part of the flagship AXi series from the house of corsair which is known for 80+ platinum units.
Corsair AX1500i Full Modular PSU 80 Plus Titanium Certification
Corsair AX1500i Full Modular PSU 80 Plus Titanium Certification
The main factor that made us call the upcoming PSU remarkable is the ultra efficient 80+ Titanium rating besides of having a beastly rated power draw of 1500W. The AX1500i which would replace the current flagship, the AX1200i, would use the same digitally controlled circuits as AX1200i and Digital signal processor to make it ultra efficient as well as ultra powerful.

Corsair AX1500i Efficiency:

80+ Titanium The stated efficiency at varying loads as stated by the report from corsair states that the PSU has 91.23% efficiency @ 10% load, 92.63% @ 20% load, 94.04% @ 50% load, 91.34% @ 100% load. And the incredible efficiency results in a phenomenally low heat output that lets the PSU run in zero RPM fan mode under loads of upto 450W.

Corsair AX1500i Connectors:

8 PCI-E cables with 10 connectors. Corsair started working on this PSU as soon as satisfied customers of AX1200i came for asking for an even higher wattage PSU. This resulted in AX1500i and a PSU which could handle even the most insane multi GPU setup.

Dimensions, components and more The dimension according to the report are 150mm x 86mm x 225mm. The high peak power draw results in ultra stable 4 way SLI or CrossFireX setups. The components are top notch with all Japanese 105°C catalytic capacitors and other supreme efficiency components. The 140mm PWM controlled fan’s speed depends on temperature and Dynamjc Fluid Bearing lubricacy enables it to rotate silently. The Cable management is obviously as expected, Fully modular.


A total beast from a known brand The AX1500i is highly anticipated and the company will launch it at the end of may with a price tag of $449.99 and 7 Years warranty.

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