phpnmvrwdLg has faced a lot of criticism due to their smartwatch’s corrosion issue. It seemed that LG isn’t willing to take any resposibility over this issue. There have been a complain by many LG G watch owners that the terminal pins on their smartwatch are corroded. This corrosion is causing them malaise.  The manufacturers assure that the problem will soon get sorted out by an update which they are going to release.

Although in a statement, LG has said that the corrosion is unlikely to affect charging , but some buyers have complained that some of them were not even able to charge their smartwatches at all and are also in discomfort because of the metal to skin contact due to corrosion. Although this is completely a hardware issue bt LG has assured that an OTA software update will fix this problem. It may be strange that a software update can be used to address a physical problem. This OTA update will disable the flow of current in the charging pins when the watch is not being charged.

This problem happens when the user sweats,  sweat contains salt, an electrolyte which dissolves and forms ions which allows the liquid sweat to better conduct electricity. The sweat forming around the charging pins causes the corrosion.


Issues are common with a new product but this issue ain’t a smaller one. Hopefully the update will sort out all the issues. The users have to be patient , help is on the way , soon the update will arrive.



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