This year Apple has released its next Gen of smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both uses sapphire glass. Since 2012 they have used the Gorilla glass for their ipad and iPhone and suddenly this year they move to the other side. It was a setback for Corning, although Corning has a good market share, but dealing with the current situation as other manufacturers will not follow the Apple practice. Today glassmaker Corning has released the fourth generation of its popular Gorilla glass. The new glass is claimed to be twice as strong as Gorilla Glass 3 so it will help in greater protection for your beloved smartphone. Also the new glass is shatter proof and according to the maker after felling your smartphone from 1m now there are 80% chances that it will survive.

The samples of the new fourth-generation Gorilla Glass are already being shipped by Corning to manufacturers. We will be able to see the new strong glass in the new flagships most probably in 2015. The current mainstream Gorilla Glass 3 will continue to exist in the market, four generations of Gorilla Glass will not completely replace the previous generation products.

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