Yesterday, we had published leaked benchmarks of Core i7-8700K in comparison with AMD Ryzen 7 1700. And today we have more information about Intel’s 8th Generation Coffee Lake flagship processor, thanks to a new leak in SiSoft SANDRA benchmarking software.

Thanks to this benchmark, we know that the Core i7-8700K is 45 percent faster than the Core i7-7700K in the “Arithmetic Processor” test; While in the “Multimedia Processor” test the improvement is 47 percent. These two programs benefit from multi-core CPUs, so it benefits from the two extra physical cores along with the four logical (HyperThreading). In the “Cryptographic Processor” test it recorded a 12 percent increase. Whereas in the “Precision Scientific” of a single precision and double precision, which again takes advantage of all cores, we see a 26 percent improvement and a 32 percent performance over the i7-7700K respectively.

As for the Intel Core i5-8400, we will be facing a 6-core processor that will go on sale for around 215 euros (almost the same price as Core i5-7400), but 40 percent faster than the Core i5-7600K in the “Arithmetic processor” test, 50% faster in “Multimedia processor”, 14% in “Cryptographic processor”, and 30% and 17% in “Precision Scientific” single precision and double precision.

Below you can see the detailed comparison of scores between the aggregated Core i7-7700K and the new 8700K:

  • Processor Arithmetic: 217.98 GOPS (versus 149.99 GOPS)-45 percent increase
  • Processor Multi-Media: 658.57 Mpix/s (versus 447.76 Mpix/s)-47 percent increase
  • Processor Cryptography: 10.47 GB/s (versus 9.34 GB/s)-12 percent increase
  • Scientific Analysis (Single Precision): 61.41 GFLOPS (versus 48.51 GFLOPS)-26 percent increase
  • Scientific Analysis (Double Precision): 32.11 GFLOPS (versus 24.40 GFLOPS)-32 percent increase.

Intel’s 8th Generation Coffee Lake desktop processors will go on sale in October of this year.

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