Core i7-5960X is the first Eight-core desktop processor from Intel side, great performance in multi-threaded performance, but the low frequency became its largest “Achilles heel.” On this weakness may be the competitors have their eye, AMD is in Eight-Core field for a long time and till now released many processors equipped with Eight Cores

Core i7-5960X Ready For War? AMD FX 8370 Hits Record Breaking 8.7GHz

Core i7-5960X Ready For War? AMD FX 8370 Hits Record Breaking 8.7GHz

AMD’s new processor architecture to wait until 2016, this time had to rely on some Old eight-core processor architecture, but today FX-8370 make a huge leap after making a new Record, and proof that FX 8370 is a good processor if we talk about better VFM ( Value for money) and Overclocking potential,, the frequency of the processor is 4.1GHz, Turbo boost 4.3GHz, compared to FX-8350 to enhance the 100MHz, support dual-channel DDR3 memory, TDP is 125W Only.

Core i7-5960X Ready For War? AMD FX 8370 Hits Record Breaking 8.7GHz
CPU-Z Screenshot

All credit of this record goes to the team named as The Stlit, this is what they used to break the record. The AMD FX-8370 Processor, 8GB dual-channel memory, ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard and R9 290x DirectCU II graphics card, CPU voltage to 2.004V, so they need to use liquid nitrogen repression, but this time the memory frequency to 2218MHz.

The record (eight core while Overclocking) previously made by Smoke when he Overclocked FX-8350 to 8410.45MHz, another FX-8350 record is made by Andre Yang highest Overclocking record of 8794MHz, but that is a dual-core Overclocking results.

For now many people rely their eyes on Intel bad boy, Core i7-5960 eight-core processor is in the field with high expectations, Intel in this area probably will not budge, there is no doubt that many Overclockers will try to make a new record with this beast.

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