The Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8 is the new flagship air cooler, which stands out from the competition by making use of a vapor chamber to improve its temperatures that results in the addition of a pair of heatpipes with coolant inside that creates a thermal circuit (when the liquid is heated, it rises to the radiator where it becomes cool and then down to the other side to reach the copper base).

The biggest innovation that is part of this cooler is its inclusion of 3D Vapor chambers, which is a new design which combines the advantages of both a traditional vapor chamber and a traditional heatpipe, allowing this cooler to more efficiently transfer heat away from the CPU and to the outer fins of this CPU cooler.

# CES2016: Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8, 3D Vapor Chambers Heatsink


With a classic design in a tower, we find a set of twin fan with red LED lighting with a lid on top of the radiator (customizable if you have 3D printer) to improve airflow. Unfortunately, there is no detail about its specifications, so we have to wait to know the full specifications and its official price. Its launch would take place during the current month of January.



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