The rumors have been confirmed, the Samsung, South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer known for Galaxy mobile devices will be responsible for manufacturing the next generation graphics cards of AMD Arctic Islands. According to the Electronic Times both companies have already concluded an agreement for future cooperation, under which the Asian giant deal with the preparation of draft by Americans CPU and GPU.

Samsung to Fab AMD “Zen” and “Arctic Islands” on its 14 nm FinFET Node


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The new units will be manufactured in 14-nanometer lithographic process. Unfortunately, at present it is not known exactly when the first copies will leave the factories. Interestingly, Samsung is not the only company which in 2016 prepare the chips for AMD. GlobalFoundries is also responsible for the production of CPU and GPU for AMD. On the web but there is no detailed information about the project, so it’s hard to say what exactly will be the percentage of each of the companies in the production of the upcoming circuits.

AMD obviously will not be the first company that decided to take advantage of Samsung technology. Koreans are already manufacturing custom chips for Apple and NVIDIA.

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