Wired has revealed new exclusive information regarding the next-Gen Sony console, the so-called PlayStation 5 and the information is completely true, to the point that Lisa Su also shared the news from her official Twitter account, and not only that, but also confirmed the hardware that gives life to the console.

As the leaks were already advancing, the PlayStation 5 will use a customized 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen CPU, and this involves using 8 cores under the Zen2 @ 7nm microarchitecture along with the AMD Radeon Navi @ 7nm graphics, the biggest news also confirm the rumors that the console will be able to execute RayTracing real-time lighting technology.

Also, a natural leap was to increase the speed of storage, which is why the obsolete HDD left behind units in solid state (SSD) NVMe, which will greatly reduce the games load time. With regard to the system memory, we would be talking about the GDDR6 memory.

To give us an idea, the first development kit of the new PlayStation has already been tested by Insomniac Games in its more than popular Spider-Man. If in the PlayStation 4 Pro the game took 15 seconds to load, with the new console it took only 0.8 seconds, demonstrating the great performance jump that this generation of consoles will present.

Beyond the hardware, the console will be retrocompatible with all the PlayStation 4 games catalog, and will come ti give a new boost to Virtual Reality with new PlayStation VR that will take full advantage of this hardware with implementation of the 3D Audio.

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