The Norwegian studio Funcom and IGN brought the first gameplay trailer of Conan Exiles, a new open-world survival game will present private and public servers, either in multiplayer or local single-player.

A few days ago, NVIDIA and Funcon announced a partnership that will allow Conan Exiles to use advanced technologies such as sand simulation in real time, which will have an impact on virtually every object that is touched or pierced by it. In the trailer below, we can see sandstorms, giant bugs and details on some other features:

Conan Exiles Will Use NVIDIA Gameworks Features

In Conan Exiles, we will be one of the thousands of exiles who have to fend for themselves in the barbaric Hyboria wilderness, a region where sandstorms are incessant and ferocious attack from enemies are everywhere. We’ll have to harvest crops or hunt animals for food, gather resources to create weapons and tools and of course, build our own shelter to survive.

Whether alone or with other outcasts, we can build whole or fortified settlements. We’ll have to unleash our fury in wild clashes presenting a quick and bloody battle with devastating attacks that will make the heads and limbs of our enemies flying through the air. We can fight against other players to master the exiled land and even invoke the fury of the heavens to help sacrificing enemy players on the altar of the gods.

Conan Exiles will come to the PC via the Early Access in mid-2016, the final version will also be released for consoles, probably at the end of this year.