NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 970 graphics card is a good product, but it seems that this excellent product is not so perfect, there is a news coming from PCPer pointed out that, there have been numerous reports till now reported by Consumers of Nvidia Gtx 970. They complained about the issue which is excessive coil whine, a loud buzzing noise which emanates from the graphics card. Well, this coil whine issue will not impact on the GPU performance, but affecting on the user’s mood.

Coil Whining of GTX 970 advancing Customer concerns over the issue

Coil Whinning of GTX 970

In fact, the complaints are not related to the specific product model of NVIDIA GTX 970, but includes EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte and many other vendors’ products, which seemed to be somewhat interesting. According to the reports the main problem lies in the GTX 970, more high-end Nvidia GTX 980 has not yet received an appropriate complaint. It must be something related to the PCB of GTX 970.

Here’s what Nvidia, EVGA and MSI had to say when PCPer contacted them:

From MSI:

“The coil whine issue is not specific to 900 series, but can happen with any high end GPU and that MSI is looking into ways to minimize the issue. If you still have concern regarding this issue, then please contact our RMA department.”

From EVGA:

“We have been watching the early feedback on GTX 970 and inductor noise very closely, and have actively taken steps to improve this. We urge anyone who has this type of concern to contact our support so we can address it directly.”


“We’re aware of a small percentage of users reporting excessive “coil whine” noises and are actively looking into the issue.”

Well, this issue is common in a variety of high-end Graphics cards,  motherboards, power supply, more or less they also have this problem, especially in the high-load state, coil whine issues will be more apparent. In graphics, for example, when running certain number of frames can be more than 100FPS even 200FPS the program, such as 3DMark Cloud Gate Demo, almost all high-end graphics cards will inevitably have a loud buzzing noise issue, even if it is well-build, solid materials products also can’t escape from this issue, but the sound level may vary with the products.

If you’re having coil whine issues with your GTX 970 please let us know. If the noise is excessive you may attempt to RMA your card for a replacement.

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