Codemasters has announced that they are preparing a patch for F1 2015 that will implement some of the features found in Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API. The Codemaster racing title developed through its graphics engine EGO Engine 4.0.

Codemasters will release a DirectX 12 patch for F1 2015


GDC 2016 is near to us and at the event there will be more news about upcoming conferences and their topics. As a result, we have learned quite interesting things about the game F1 2015 and Just Cause 3. Interestingly, both were assigned to DX12_1 feature-level, and so for the moment only supported by NVIDIA Maxwell Family graphics cards and Intel Skylake Processors integrated iGPU.

Obviously, a patch today for this title is “stupid” (who have the game will say thank you of course) with F1 2016 just around the corner, so it is obvious that this is a performance test to add to the F1 2015 technologies Raster Ordered Views (AVSM and Decal Blending) and Conservative Rasterization (voxel-based ray tracing) to bring more realism to the game and to see how it goes running all face with their new release that will be entirely developed using DirectX 12.

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