As we have reported earlier about a new game from Boss Key Productions and Gears of Wars designer Cliff Bleszinski something called as ‘The Shattering’. Although the exact name of this game is not The Shattering but a new website hinted about it. Cliff Bleszinski categorically declined the name of this new game as The Shattering on his Twitter account, while giving a response of Polygon’s report.

The countdown on the website yesterday with a message written that we will have a glimpse of teaser of the upcoming game today and as promised, the teaser is published. According to the countdown, the game will be finally revealed by tomorrow, Wednesday August 26. Have a look at first teaser below:


The teaser is titled as “After the Shattering”, set in destroyed world, like after a war or something. More details to come by tomorrow 12 PM Eastern Time.

The community manager Rohan Rivas writes that, “Over the next few days, there’s going to be a lot of ‘information’ revealed about The Shattering and we want you to weigh in, react, participate and help us build a community from scratch,”

Its said that the new game is free-to-play shooter and sci-fi for PC and previously was called as Project BlueStreak. Lets see if its true or not. What ever it is, will be confirmed by tomorrow.