Acclaimed Cities Skylines receive an exciting new expansion under the title After Dark, the game will present a new day / night cycle, which ensures that Paradox Interactive will change the behavior parameters of the cities.

Cities Skylines: After Dark announced – Screenshots and Trailer [Gamescom 2015]


“Day and night causing changes in the city and plans affecting citizens.The traffic is visibly slower at night, and some area not work very efficiently, releasing more traffic. Service vehicles move in the same way. “

Other changes included in this expansion are the Specialization in Leisure for commercial areas, which will most active places at night, and the specialization of beach that allows beach activities in commercial areas like coastal beach bars and restaurants.

The city services will be further deepened by including taxis, buildings, transport criminals to prison, and international airports.

It has not yet been announced a release date, but the publisher says it will be soon.