A small new wristband can extend a tablet like interface onto your arm by means of projection, viably transforming it into a cell phone each time you turn your wrist. The Cicret Bracelet, outlined throughout the span of 6 months, includes a pico projector and a column of 8 proximity sensors that point towards the user’s lower arm.

Cicret Bracelet works as a standalone gadget and, when initiated with a spot of the wrist, ventures an Android interface onto the client’s arm. The proximity sensors locate where the client’s finger or fingers are and permit them to interfere with the interface as they would some other Android gadget, “Gizmag” reported.

The gadget will permit clients to send and get messages, surf the web and to play games too. It will likewise be feasible for clients to match it with a current cell phone, answering incoming phone calls and to actuate the speaker on their phone. The Cicret Bracelet offers an accelerometer and a vibration module, alongside an LED for warnings and notification purpose.

Connectivity integration is given via WI-Fi, Bluetooth and a micro USB port. It will be accessible in both 16 GB and 32 GB versions.

Cicret Bracelet could cost up to $400 and achieve the mass market in 18 months.

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