CI Games issued a brief, but a very surprising statement. Indeed, we learn from it, that it was decided to terminate the contract with the developers of Lords of the Fallen.

Perhaps not everyone knows, but production said that they break it due to the efforts of CI Games. The studio also worked for the German studio Deck13 Interactive. The relevant statement was submitted to western neighbors yesterday.

Why it was decided to take such a step? The official statement says that the reason for termination of the contract was the improper performance of the contract by Deck13 Interactive. At the same time they announced that it will not affect the continuation of work on the Lords of the Fallen, which will be built in accordance with earlier plans.

“In the opinion of the Board termination will not adversely affect the Company’s results in 2015 and beyond. The Issuer continues to work on new versions of the game Lords of the Fallen on next generation consoles and mobile devices, using the work of both direct employees and associates of the Company are the organizational structure of the Issuer and the cooperation with external partners of the Company. “

By the way, since the question of the German team it is worth mentioning that they have also offered the job to Hideo Kojima, who has to leave the Konami. Invitation to work published in one of the social networking sites, and one wonders whether this also went for a specific job offer. Kojima’s possible interest is in a completely different matter.

“Dear Mr. Hideo Kojima. If you happen to be looking for a job that we can offer the post of head of design at Deck13. Please just contact us.”

We also recall that no more than 3 days ago CI Games reported financial results for 2014 years. To put it mildly, they are not the best.

Source: GameSpot, VG247

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