Due to the numerous prohibitions linked to cryptocurrency mining in China, nothing better than talking to a logistics company and taking your mining farm to the other side of the world by plane to continue generating money, and that is what a group of miners, who dismantled all their mining farms, both Ethereum (many Graphics cards) and Bitcoin (ASICs) until they accumulated no less than 3,000kg of hardware packed and put inside an airplane.

As indicated, all this material focused on mining was taken to the state of Maryland, in the United States, and this was not very expensive, since everything that was taken, sent to the door, and with taxes included, represents an expense of $ 9.37 per kg, so we are talking about just over $ 28,000 to move the mining farm, something quite inexpensive if we take into account that farm can generate more money then shipping expense in a single day! Obviously, there was no alternative either, since in China they are cutting off the power to all mining farms.

Maryland was chosen for a very specific reason, because together with Texas, they are two of the states that are best adapted to the needs of miners due to the low cost of electricity and their small population. Interestingly, American public opinion has not been outraged to see this change. Most are seeing this as an opportunity, as all the taxes and expenses associated with Bitcoin stay with their state and not with China.

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