For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Hasee is a portable laptop maker who apparently now offering its laptops with the newly released GeForce RTX 3000 Mobile GPU. Today, a cryptocurrency mining farm in China has uploaded a video and pictures showing hundreds of laptops of this brand already deployed or about to be configured for mining cryptocurrency, but the fact that miners are now using laptops to benefit from the cryptocurrencies is no longer a secret.

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Last week there was already a very popular story about the wholesale purchase of laptops by Chinese miners. Gamers are clearly weary and upset by the news that miners are now buying gaming hardware that was never designed to be used in this way. This has been going on for weeks. This raises the question of what exactly NVIDIA is doing to prevent miners from accessing a large number of its graphics GPUs, be it mobile or desktop.

NVIDIA is known for imposing strict rules on distributors, retailers, and even reviewers. However, it somehow failed to prevent miners from mass purchasing hundreds of the same products with their own GPUs. The photos from the BTCer mining farm are an example of how a single laptop company (Hasee) has enabled GPU mining operation by a single entity. It is time for NVIDIA to act and to act quickly, because the mining issue is escalating disproportionately leaving many gamers without RTX 3000 GPUs or laptops with such GPUs.

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