China has introduced new anti-terrorist law, which requires decrypting computer data by companies, and provide details to the government in order to support the operation. The rules are intended to protect the residents of the Middle, but at the same time pointed out that they could lead to even greater restrictions on the freedom of citizens.

China will force companies to decrypt the data under the new Anti-Terror Law


China’s parliament passed a law that was prepared in connection with the growing threat of terrorist attacks, but also a very tense situation in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, where increasingly stronger position to separatists affiliated with radical Islam. One of the most important parts of the law concerns the monitoring of the network and search on the information collected by the company.

Interestingly, the Act also affects traditional media and social networking sites. From now you can not prepare detailed coverage of terrorist attacks, because according to the authorities, this may lead to follow terrorists. Forbidden are also scenes described as “cruel and inhuman”. While in the case of television should be no problem with the lock (because it is more or less controlled by the government), but for social networking in China it could be the big problem.

Source: Reuters
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