NVIDIA released its Q4 FY 2015 earnings last week and numbers were looking really good. Although not involved in the next generation console market, but Maxwell architecture which was launched in the last year contribute significantly to the increase the sale of GeForce graphics cards. For NVIDIA, it continues to maintain the largest market – China’s share is very important, but their position in the Southeast Asia is also really strong.

China remains the largest market for NVIDIA

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In last week’s earnings conference, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang also answered by questions from analysts and investors about the most promising markets, he said that China is currently the largest market for NVIDIA and China’s “Game Hardware” market is very unique. Based on the well-known reasons, the mainframe market in China no sense (this year it began lifting the ban), the local players prefer online games.

Although the current generation is host listed in China, but their price is relatively high, NVIDIA is not worried about the host will dominate Chinese gaming hardware market.

For the Company, the next target market is Southeast Asia, where it will take more than five years to become the unbeatable. The current China level of economic development is rapid. Although the share of the Southeast Asian market after China ranked the United States and Europe, but the fastest growth. Despite generations of popular entry-level graphics thrifty consumers, but does not prevent NVIDIA enthusiast market price in more expensive high-end graphics, although the high-end graphics card market is close to saturation will affect sales, but for NVIDIA still have a chance to win the market.

Of course, the United States, Europe and Japan markets are really mature and Company will not give up.