The legend of Avatar the last Airbender sequel The Legend of Korra is getting her very own video game I assume everybody knows that by now. The development team tells us more about the Legend of Korra game in this behind the scenes video

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According to Atushi Kooroka the producer of platinum game that the Legend of Korra video game  started when Activison offer them the chance of making this game, they saw the depth of the story and details on it’s action sequence and were impressed by how smooth it is.Atushi also said it was well balanced a simply good show and that made them feel it is worth the challenge. Also Atushi said that for the fans, platinum games have a new difficulty system which is pretty hard and in the last boss fight platinum games has put their all into it.

We will see Korra fighting the villains from the last two seasons the game gonna be pretty fast-paced.Now we don’t get many games where we can control the element and bend it, but don’t get too excited that you will be able to use all elements bendings form the start there will be a chi-blocker who will strip korra of her elemental powers and you have to regain the powers in the course of the game.

The game will be Third-person action game with only single player support in it. Korra can switch between the four elements, each with its own unique abilities. Air bending will let you move faster, water bending will emphasize long range attacks, by the name of it earth bending is slow but very powerful and fire bending emphasizes speed and close range moves.

The legend of Korra

The game will release on October 21 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The game will be available digitally through Steam, PSN and Xbox Live