This is probably the best gaming news you’re gonna hear this month. A new title is going to be added in the Just Cause franchise. Some Just Cause 3 screenshots were leaked on Xbox One.

Just cause 3

Just cause 3

Just cause 3

Just cause 3
Still we don’t know that, if this game will be a free-to-play or a full retail game, but according to NeoGAF insider Shinobi 602, Just cause 3 is not a free-to-play and it will not have a traditional release. The game also could be a full retail game with micro-transactions, which generated a backlash in titles like Forza Horizon 5.

The last two titles, Just cause 1 and Just cause 2 was developed by Avalanche Studios and Square Enix as the publisher. Now, the leak screens of Just cause 3 are out, it seems like the game was in development for sometime. Like Assassin’s Creed Unity when its screen got first leaked. We might get our hands on the game, maybe in 2016 because currently Square Enix is busy with a Mad Max.

It seems like the game will available in 2016. Because Square Enix is being busy with Mad Max for the serving of 2015. And unlike Ubisoft, Avalanche doesn’t give us big games on a yearly basis. So to be honest the game might take 2016 to release, but there’s a possibility the game might release in 2015. Who knows?

Will Just cause 3 will be a console exclusive? It might come to PC, well it is sure that it will be for the Current-Gen Consoles. One thing is killing me that will it star the same protagonist or a different?

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