Ending with the products of the company at this year’s CES, we found the Super Tower Thermaltake Core W100, a chassis designed to provide very advanced settings, especially thinking of those who want to install custom cooling solution or many physical drives with powerful hardware without encountering limitations of space. And if you have limited space, you will be more interested in Thermaltake Core WP100, including an expansion module.

Thermaltake Core W100 and WP100 chassis with plenty of space


Thermaltake Core W100

The Core Thermaltake W100 is a Super Tower with generous dimensions of 878 x 310 x 678 mm giving 31.1 kg. SPCC made ​​of steel with a side window, inside there is plenty of room to install three units or devices in its 5.25 “bays, a total of 10 hard drives or SSDs 3.5 “/2.5”. The new chassis can support motherboards in XL- format, ATX format to Mini-ITX, and still remains room for CPU coolers of up to 200 mm of height, you can also install Graphics cards of up to 635 mm in length (470mm with the installed physical drives) and power supplies up to 220 mm deep.

After all this, there is still remains plenty of room for three 140 mm fans on the front (or 360mm radiator), 4x / 3x fans 140mm / 200mm at the top (or 600mm radiator, 2x or 2x 560mm 480mm), one rear 140 mm and three 140 mm bottom fans (or two 280mm radiators). It costs $369.


Thermaltake Core WP100

The Thermaltake Core WP100  is the same chassis, but it looks like a box coupled with dimensions of 677 x 310 x 678 mm increasing its weight is only 8.7 kg and allows the installation of no less than eight fans 140/120 mm or six 200 mm fans on the right and four fans of 120/140 mm on the left side, and being focused to install radiators to create the most enviable liquid market. It costs $470 euros.


These cases are now available worldwide.

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