Samsung had confirmed, but AMD had not spoken about it until today. At CES 2016 in the official announcement of its new graphics architecture Polaris, AMD has confirmed what was already rumored, the next generation of Radeon graphics cards will enjoy the manufacturing process of 14nm FinFET signed by Samsung itself, technological advancement that places it at the head of the printing market and that the company should exploit all the advantages that entails, as NVIDIA has been delayed and the whole Pascal architecture will be made ​​to a manufacturing process of 16 nanometers.

AMD Polaris architecture GPUs to Manufacture on 14nm FinFET


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Lithography of the 14 nanometer  promises great leaps in energy efficiency and performance, so you cannot argue about “smoke”, because that lithography has already a great success on mobile devices, providing a breakthrough performance with less power consumption which they have fallen by up to 300 percent compared to the previous generation of SoCs. Polaris come to make a lot of noise, especially in the environment of virtual reality, so we must recognize that we are very excited to see what AMD will release in the mid of the current year, as in summer we will have the first Polaris GPUs.

The company also made a video to show that how a new Polaris based-GPU is running Star Wars: Battlefront on same quality, but consuming no less than 54W less when in comparison with a GeForce GTX 950.

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