Creative surprised in Las Vegas with its Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier, which debunks the bad reviews about the sonic power of the bars, since this is a equipped with nothing less than 15 speakers connected wirelessly to a subwoofer giving a total power of 800 watts RMS. Thus we have 11 speakers 2.75 “ with an aluminum cone midbass more 4 speakers 0.75 “ titanium domed able to offer a frequency response up to 40 KHz. As if that were not enough, it is fully compatible with audio technology, Dolby Atmos and is backed by a DSP amplifier.

# CES2016: Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier, sound bar with 15 speakers


“The X-Fi Sonic Carrier is the epitome of high-end home theatre and high-end audio systems, made for people who appreciate the finer things in life,” said Creative Technology Ltd. CEO Sim Wong Hoo. “It redefines the boundaries of the state of the art in the category. It is truly a work of art.”

Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier Sound bar has no less than seven dual-core processors allow you to play audio up to 192 kHz at 24 bits and use the most popular applications like Spotify music streaming and Pandora plus,  it is compatible with devices like the Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, Chromecast and miracast. Around video streaming allows 4K with popular applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go, all thanks to its connectivity 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI outputs, not to mention its four slots for MicroSD cards or two analogue outputs with the two digital.

Its price? 5,000 US Dollar, but Creative says you can pre-order one of a limited quantity for just $1,750—if you act before March 31.