The weather is still hot regarding the controversial reduction of graphics quality in the spectacular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and if good the game looks great, especially in 4K with all the best – the differences that blessed trailer the VGX remains substantial. It is for this reason that the Eurogamer site had the ability to chat with co-founder Marcin Iwinski CD Projekt, the studio head Adam Badowski and global communications manager Michal Platkow-Gilewski, to specifically discuss the details of this situation.

The Witcher 3 will receive a Patch with 600 Major Changes


Before submitting the interview, Robert Purchese -redactor senior staff took care of Eurogamer- stating that there is a patch with 600 changes underway, including graphical enhancements and graphics options that certification has entered today becoming players within one week, next to where all the update changelog is detailed. In addition, the patch itself will also allow users to configure the “.ini” files for modders to work with every little detail configurable graphics engine.

Eurogamer began with what we are asking all: console versions limited to the PC version?

“If the consoles were not involved, there would Witcher 3 as is. We can thus clarify simple. We just could not afford it, because the consoles allow us to aim higher in terms of possible or achievable sales; have a higher budget for the game, and invest mainly in developing this huge, giant world. “

“Developing single PC: yes, we probably could it be more [in terms of graphics] as if there were something else – would be as focused as if we had developed only for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But we could not afford the game.”

Both Badowski as Iwinski admitted that the visual of the game were changed because the demo VGX never work as an open world game. CD Projekt took great pains to try to make such a graphic level work within an environment of open world, but finally it was not possible.

“Maybe it was a bad our to change the system of rendering decision, because the system was changed after the VGX.” There were two possible options for rendering, but ended up opting for it looked better globally, working with the whole world, and the system clock. The other rendering system would have required a lot of dynamic lighting “and with such world simply would not have worked.”

The same happened with the environments, textures and sizes and child objects. It was a matter of keeping to that high level of detail or give certain individualism and artistic work, by reducing the requirement. The data streaming system simply could not act fast enough to explore Gerard environments, whether textures were too large.

But one of the biggest complaints of the community is on the impressive effects of smoke, fire and particles that we saw in that infamous trailer for which Badowski has a clear explanation.

“It is a global system and destroy any PC because of the transparencies. – Without DirectX 12 does not work well in any game” 

“Maybe we should not have shown that [trailer], I do not know, but we knew that would not work, so it’s not a lie or misconduct – is why we actively not discussed. We do not agree that the case of a downgrade, but it is our opinion, and feelings of the players may be different. If you made ​​the decision to buy based on the materials of 2013, I regret very much, and we are discussing how to compensate them, because it’s not fair. “Iwinski said.

“In a way, because it did not see as a problem, and we work hard in the game until the end, that’s why we’re here and the reason why we have to explain. I hope that our intentions are seen, because we are not hiding anything. Considering our values, hide is the last thing we wanted to do. ”

“And for those who are still not 100% decided to definitely encourage you to wait and see what will come in the next patches and updates.”

It is true that CD Projekt has always been faithful to his audience and has worked in favor of benefit and account for every single penny has been invested in their games, so it is very likely that this situation has been treated like While they have aclarado- problem of direct communication and resource optimization. So we have to wait for the next patch and see how much can improve what already from the beginning, is a game that looks bright.

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