CD Projekt RED released a new set of Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots, its next role-playing game of narrative and open world in the universe of the classic RPG system “pen & paper”, Cyberpunk 2020.

The game follows the story of V, a growing mercenary in Night City, the most violent and dangerous metropolis of the future ruled by corporations. A robust character creator will allow players to choose the V genre, visual appearance, character class, as well as historical background, which could influence the form of the game.

The game will have dozens of hours of main story and more additional activities. Players will experience everything entirely through the eyes of V, with an interactive dialog system that gives them even a larger narrative.

Below, you can read all the game details of the E3 demo of approximately one hour:

  • CD Projekt describes the game as a first-person RPG.
  • The gameplay is in a first person perspective, but it is changed to third person during a cinematic.
  • You play as a character called V (as the letter).
  • V can be man or woman.
  • The points you choose at the beginning include Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflex, Technology and Cool.
  • These points are all taken from the original RPG tabletop.
  • You can drive cars in the game, and change from first to third person during driving.
  • While driving in the first person, the graphical interface appears on the windshield.
  • CD Projekt also describes Cyberpunk as a mature experience intended for mature audiences.
  • Like Witcher, missions are delivered by NPCs and have dialogue options in conversations.
  • It is an open world that opens more with credibility of the street. For example, a specific jacket would increase your credibility by 5% and allow you access to new places.
  • Completing missions increases your level of credibility.
  • The graphic interface in the demo is extremely minimal, just a compass and a mission log.
  • The graphic interface expands during combat, enemies have names, life bars and what appears to be levels.
  • Damage numbers appear during combat.
  • There is a skill that allows you to slow down time.
  • CD Projekt emphasizes that elections have consequences, in the moment and in the world.
  • The obstacles have several solutions depending on your abilities. For example, V goes to a door, but his level of hacking is very low. However, his engineering level is high enough, so he could open the panel and bypass the door to continue.
  • There is an inspection system that allows you to see the items very closely and learn more about lore.
  • You use an inhaler to heal.
  • The Gunplay feels slower than the Doom or Borderlands, but faster than Fallout 4.
  • CD Projekt showed some of the late-game skills, including mantis-style swords and being able to run around the walls.
  • A fight against a boss who had an exoskeleton was shown. This included slipping under cars and taking cover.

Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for PC and consoles. A release date has yet to be revealed.

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