The popular Netflix series based on The Witcher has had a significant impact on CD Projekt RED, the studio behind videogame based on the most famous sorcerer of the moment.

Thanks to this, the Polish studio has seen how it has gone from having a market value of 6,800 million dollars to more than 8,000 million, and still the company’s shares do not stop rising thanks to the feedback of the series with Books and video games.3

CD Projekt RED

Not long ago, only in the United States the game experienced an increase in physical sales of 554%, and if we add that The Witcher will be extended over the years on Netflix, and soon we will have the launch of the Cyberpunk 2077, it is likely that very soon the Polish studio would be positioned as the first spot in Europe. As of now, the number one slot in Europe still belongs to France’s Ubisoft Entertainment, whose valuation goes as high as $9,600 million.

Cyberpunk 2077 is expected to be a great success, and coming from CD Projekt RED, the hype is in the clouds, and more if we take into account the latest collaborations with Nvidia to integrate it into GeForce NOW or give away 200 graphics cards with an exclusive design based on the game.

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