The Polish company is developing new content for The Witcher 3, talking about two paid expansions also if you don’t know the game will feature 16 free DLCs for all versions and platforms. The two expansions will not be mere DLCs as often release by other companies, since both will be equipped with total more than 30 hours of gameplay, along with dozens of items and characters, and a new region and city to explore.

CD Projekt Announces Two Paid Expansions For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The co-founder of CD PROJEKT RED, Marcin Iwinski, said the following about it:

“In the team, we miss the times when the add-ons and expansions really expanded the gaming experience with meaningful content. As gamers, we would go back to those times. We have said that if payment launch content, would accord the asking price. The two expansions Witcher III will have more than just a few hours of other standalone games. “

Stone Hearts will be the first adventures with a total of 10 hours of gameplay. We go, into the wild area of ​​No Man’s Land, exploring the nooks and alleys Oxenfurt. Geralt seeks to complete a contract Glass mysterious man.

Blood and Wine will feature over 20 hours of gameplay and introduce the new region of Toussaint, transporting Geralt to a pristine land of war, whose carefree atmosphere and rituals chivalrous satisfaction they hide an ancient and bloody secret.

“While we offer Pass Expansions now, we want to make it clear one thing: do not buy if you have the slightest doubt. Wait reviews or play The Witcher III and see if they like it, then decide. “Concludes Iwinski.

Stone Hearts will make its entry at the end of 2015, Blood and Wine will arrive in early 2016 for both PC and Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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