Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Windows 10 caught stealing Internet Bandwidth, Disable it right now

Many PC users must have felt once about the downgrade in the downloading speed after upgrading from previous OS with Windows 10. Well, that's...
5 Flop Smartphones Of 2014

5 Flop Smartphones Of 2014

We have seen numerous smartphones in 2014, few of them got the height of success while some are considered as major flops. Here we...

5 Video Game Characters, Want to See in Next-Gen

Gaming is not about you installed a game take some fun and forget, there are lots good titles who spray their presence in your mind for a...
3 Of The Most CPU Intensive Games

3 Of The Most CPU Intensive Games

As there are few games which really requires very high end rig to run. Previously we have Top 10 best graphics games, but higher...

Top 5 Well Optimized Games of 2014

2014 for the gaming industry is very interesting year. In this year we have seen the rise and downfall of many anticipated titles. Some...

Top 8 Masterpiece Titles Coming to PC deck which was not...

Now we can finally shout "PC Spring Party is coming!" Why? Because of the current situation, which has been never happening before to camp...
Nintendo Officially Unveils Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS at E3 2015

Nintendo Has 10 Epic Reasons For Its Backup Plan

The intense and spirited rivalry between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is well-known by almost every kind of gamer (this does not apply to...
Top 10 Best Graphic PC Games - Tech4Gamers

Top 10 Best Graphic PC Games – Tech4Gamers

We all love gaming and often debate over which games have a better visual quality. So here we have a list which according to...
The Walking Dead

5 incredible games that are more cinematic than the actual films

The level between the story of video games and the narratives worthy of the big screen are reduced. Developers of today's put more efforts in...
5 Most Anticipated PC Shooter Games Of 2014

5 Most Anticipated PC Shooting Games Of 2014

This year New Generation Consoles have been released such as Xbox One and PS4. So along that New Graphics Technologies and Engines are going...

Top 5 Free Android Games of 2014

Smartphones with Android Operating system are now in every pocket, they come in a range of cheep to the high end smart phones. Android hits...
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Top 5 upcoming RPGs games of 2014

There are enormous reasons to be excited for the New Year and for the gamers. 2014 looks like the best year for the RPG's...




RTX 2070 New World

New World Beta version killed many GPUs, not just GeForce RTX...

At first it was believed that Amazon studio's New World beta version was damaging the GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card only, especially the EVGA models, but...