Sunday, July 5, 2020


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Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb

Apple Reportedly Ordered 100 Million Samsung OLED Displays For iPhone 2017

A recently published report from Korea Herald claims that in early 2017, Samsung will supply Apple with 100 million units OLED displays panels for 5.5 inch iPhone. Apple Reportedly...
htc vive

HTC Vive Pre-Order Suffers from Cancellation Issues

Reports are coming up related to the issues of order cancellation of the two famous virtual reality headsets. First with the Oculus Rift's shipment delay and...

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem: Your Rice Cooker Connected To The Internet

Xiaomi continues to expand its line of products for home appliances, now the latest released product is My Ecosystem, a rice cooker/pressure cooker for rice...
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Touch Controllers Will Not Be Included With The Headset

Luckey Palmer, co-founder of Oculus Rift during his interview with Ars Technica at Game Developers Conference 2016 said that the Oculus Rift touch controllers were...
Microsoft HoloLens

You can Pre-order the Microsoft HoloLens (Dev Kit) for $3,000

Last year Microsoft presented the Microsoft HoloLens to the world, there is a remarkable difference between Virtual Reality (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift) and this Augmented Reality...
Apple is secretly working on its VR headset

Apple is secretly working on its VR headset, report claims

People were assuming that the Apple might consider making it own virtual-reality headset in recent past months, but that was limited to the internet...
Oculus Rift

Oculus winning the war among developers – Report

According to the latest survey, it has been reported that the future of the gaming, the virtual reality technology based Oculus Rift is leading...
Xbox-Elite-Wireless-Controller (2)

The Xbox Elite controller is out of stock until March

Despite the high cost of Xbox Elite controller  (about $149), Microsoft had already announced unexpectedly high demand that has suffered the advanced controller to your...

Google Glass Enterprise Edition – New Photos

Earlier this year, we told you across several exclusive reports that new Google Glass hardware was on the way, namely a device Google has...
Now charge wearable with your trousers made by using perovskite

Samsung has prepared a new processor, which will increase the possibility...

Samsung is preparing to launch a new processor, which has significantly increased the possibility of manufacturing company's own wearables. The unit is known as Bio-processor, and...

First Pictures of the PlayStation VR with processing unit

We already have the first pictures of the PlayStation VR with its external processing unit, which has a very similar to the PlayStation 4...

Gigabyte 3Glasses D2: 2K screen and latency less than 13ms

Gigabyte is preparing to launch its own virtual reality glasses that will be called Gigabyte 3Glasses D2, which promise to be the first VR...




Tencent mega data center 1 million EPYC CPUs

Tencent is preparing mega data center that will host more than...

Yesterday, the Chinese company Tencent announced the start of services at its largest data center in the Chinese city of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, which has...