Monday, May 25, 2020


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Apple iPhone X

Apple fired an engineer after his daughter showed iPhone X on...

We already know that there are lots of ways on YouTube to get attention and views, it can range from insulting a delivery boy...
Apple PowerbyProxi

Apple acquires PowerbyProxi, a company focused on wireless charging

Apple announced last September that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are the company's first smartphones that integrate wireless charging technology. After this, the company has...
Razer Seiren X

Razer Seiren X: Professional Quality Condenser Microphone

After the Razer Kiyo webcam, the company announced another new peripheral, the Razer Seiren X, a condenser microphone that claims to offer professional quality, and for that...
Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit

Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit: The summum of RGB lighting

Razer today announced the launch of the Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit (HDK), an integrated device within the Razer Chroma ecosystem to deliver even more rapid and accurate system color...
Xbox Wireless Adapter

New Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10, 66% Smaller

Available in the United States store at the moment, Microsoft announced a new Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10. This presents a new and improved design...
Astro Gaming

Logitech acquires Astro Gaming for $ 85 million

After buying Saitek in September 2016 for $ 13 million, now Logitech continues to expand its portfolio of brands by buying the renowned Astro company, known mainly for...
Oculus Rift

Oculus lowers the price of Rift and Touch controllers to 399...

With the emergence of other virtual reality goggles, Oculus is no longer the leading company in this growing segment. Now, Facebook has tried to give a boost...
Razer Thresher Ultimate

Razer Thresher Ultimate: Wireless Gaming Headset for PC, PS4 and Xbox...

Taking advantage of the E3, Razer announced its new wireless gaming headset, the Thresher Ultimate. This headset will arrive in two variants: one for the PlayStation 4 console with blue touches, and one...
Xbox Limited Edition Controller

Xbox Limited Edition Controller ‘The Duke’ Compatible with Xbox One and...

After announcing that the Xbox One will offer backward compatibility with the games of the first Xbox console, now Microsoft announced that it will...
Sound Blaster PLAY! 3

Sound Blaster PLAY! 3: USB DAC Amp and External Sound Card

Creative announced the launch of its Sound Blaster PLAY! 3, a USB DAC and amplifier that promises to greatly improve the sound quality of...
Apple Beats Explosion

Apple Beats Earphones Explosive Case, Company Will Not Pay for Damages

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now its turn of a product of its biggest rival, Apple, and its headphones Beats. This news is...

Nvidia’s Low Profile GeForce GT 1030 Based On GP108 Launced!

Nvidia has launched it's GeForce GT 1030 (GP 108 ) ,as a response to AMD's RX 550. Although the original price of this GPU is $100,...