Friday, February 21, 2020

Games Previews

See all the latest previews about games which are being made.

Dragon Ball Z PS4 version: Goku and Vegeta showdown

The first "Dragon Ball Z" series game will soon land on Ps4, today revealed two new Photos. In the photos we see the rocky area, and...
Tappy Chicken on Unreal Engine 4

Epic use Unreal Engine 4 for Tappy Chicken

Earlier a product called "Flappy Bird" game can be said to be the most popular game in north to south, now the Unreal Engine...

Watch dogs to run on 4gb Ram based systems

Watch_Dogs has been officially just 5 days away from release and we've got news, which'll prove to be a breather for those with older...
Watch Dogs Full Map

Watch Dogs full map leaked: Compared with Gta 4 and Gta...

Ubisoft's "Watchdog" is going to be on sale next week, but that did not stop fans of the game digging new information.  The heat...
Watch Dogs multiplayer

Watch Dogs will not run at Dual-Core Processors

Watchdogs is the most anticipated game of this year. Now, after a long wait the release date has come closer with some Gameplays and Screen Shots...

Watch Dogs : Skill tree and world map leaked

It's high time, Ubisoft Montreal hired a plumber; cause the amount of leaks from the highly anticipated title (Watch Dogs)  is too goddamn high. For the...

Watch Dogs PS3 version is already being sold in Brazil

Watch Dogs is the most anticipated game for this year, Watch dogs has been developing since 2009. After the delay now Release date is...

Sledgehammer Games promises a “mindblowing” preview of Call of Duty: Advanced...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developers Sledgehammer Games have already proved their prowess by co-working with Infinity Ward in making the famed COD:Modern Warfare...
Far cry 4 cover

Far Cry 4 cover art reveals some hidden information

As a person who studied about Buddhist art. The first thing I have noticed a broken statue behind the villain, statues both hands pinched...

Watch Dogs ‘beta version’ reportedly had Downgraded Graphics

As Watch dogs' release is on the brink, we have come to see more an more 'leaks' in terms of gameplay in many renown...
Far cry 4 cover

FAR CRY 4 : Ubisoft announces sequel to its famed Open...

Quelling all rumors, Ubisoft has announced the much awaited Far Cry 4, which is scheduled to release on November 18 in North America and...
prophet crysis 2

Meet the 50 games that EA will “kill” this year

A while you should should remember very well GameSpy which was responsible for the online system for many games, including some classics that were...