Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Wolf Gold Video Slot Review

When it comes to our video game reviews, very rarely do we look beyond console and PC titles, but the rapidly advancing technologies used...

The best online casinos per category

With the continued rise in popularity of online casinos, thanks partly to the pandemic, it can be overwhelming to look through extensive lists of...

The Rise of Mini-Games Within Some of the Biggest Game Titles

Once you’ve played a game for a lot of time, it can be very easy to become bored as you feel you have found...

Magecart Continues to Plague Online Retailers

E-commerce is flourishing, particularly at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has shuttered many stores around the world or profoundly changed the brick-and-mortar shopping...
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How Working from Home Affects the Games Industry 

The video games industry, just like any other, has had to seriously change the way their operations run. While many of the challenges of...
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The best mobile games to play while on the go

Let’s face it: even the busiest people find themselves with small windows of time where they spend their time twiddling their thumbs. It’s amazing because...
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A Look at the Current Situation in the India Mobile Gaming...

With its population of 1.38 billion, India has the potential to be one of the planet’s biggest mobile gaming markets. Yet, recent debates have...

Love & Romance: Games with Love Story Lines 

Games are constantly improving, this is what tends to cause more and more feelings in us. Of course, not everyone likes it – there...

Incredible New Efficiency Makes Solar A Better Option Than Ever Before

Renewable energies are unquestionably the future of power generation, yet question marks remain over their affordability and value for money. However, renewable energy advocates...
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How Sports Betting is Being Upgraded Thanks to Digital Technology

It is only natural that as the years progress and we become more technologically advanced, so does society's ability to create more innovative ways...

Why Is Osrs Gold Useful For Gamers

Everybody knows that gaming started as a leisure activity that has evolved and boosted itself in recent years with technological aspects. Gaming enthusiasts have...
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Close Up On Trends Shaping The Future of Online Gaming

Online gaming continues to grow in popularity. With the rise of esports, next-generation consoles, and enhanced multiplayer, online gaming has evolved massively. Gaming has...




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Gaming and social skills: can those two go together?

Nowadays so many people spend their free time playing video games. Even though this statement is true for both children and adults, a negative...