Japanese gaming company Capcom is popular for its PC platform (though they have the same old stuff), previously supporting the green side and their most of games are supported by NVIDIA’s 3D technology, but the PC-based Friend has now decided to join the AMD camp. In the “future of computing” AMD’s meeting, AMD also announced that latter Panta-Rhei engine optimization will also support AMD’s Mantle API.

Capcom abandoned NVIDIA and Join AMD camp, Panta-Rhei engine optimization will support Mantle


Panta-Rhei engine is owned by Capcom to create the next-generation games, compared to the previous minor, this engine will enhance picture quality to a new level, in 2011 began to develop, publish last year, mainly for the PS4, Xbox One, etc. Next-generation hardware platform. The first game to optimized at Panta-Rhei is action RPG deep down, which will be available to the PS4.

Apart from Capcom’s Panta-Rhei engine, Richard Huddy said that, there are now more than 100 development teams registered to take Mantle, double the developers regarding this summer. They will also add more than 20 games in the support list of AMD API Mantle. Till now there are more than 6 biggest games engines which are supporting the new API include Frostbite 3(e.g. Battlefield 4), CryEngine (Rise: Son of Rome), Asura Engine (Sniper Elite 3),  Nitrous Engine (Star Swarm) etc.


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