The Call of Duty franchise has produced $11 billion for Activision since the video game debuted way back in 2003 . This really is an enormous success for the corporation , and also we anticipate it to generate a lot more from the franchise in the the future .

The most recent title in the Call of Duty franchise is Advanced Warfare , also it emerged as among the best in the franchise since Modern Warfare 2 , as per a number of reviewers . The video game introduced brand new gameplay elements to the franchise like the exo-suit together with future weaponry .

Bobby Kotick , Chief executive officer of Activision , claims that for the past six years , Call of Duty continues to be the best-selling game title in the North America territory . Things may change in the the future with the emergence of one more Activision game , Destiny . The title grew to become a top-selling brand new IP for 2014 , not to mention quick sales remain increasing .

The exo-suit is one among the fascinating facet of the video game because it permits gamers to hop more than standard because of the attached booster . This identical booster facilitates gamers to strafe from left to right in order to prevent opposition shooting . We find the feature very appealing , despite that not nearly as smooth when compared with the Titanfall .

Referring to Titanfall , there are numerous industry critics who assume Activision duplicated concepts from the video game and inserted them within Advanced Warfare . It is hard to agree or disagree about this because we certainly have absolutely no insider expertise in the design time span and exactly what triggered the exo-suit’s inclusion .

Precisely what we are able to say is the fact that the exo-suit made Call of Duty fun again , that is certainly important for gamers. .

Before the release of Advanced Warfare , Activision listed itself in an intriguing circumstance after the failure which was Call of Duty : Ghosts . This title brought on a huge backlash from game enthusiasts as well as critics similar since the title introduced absolutely nothing new .

Almost everything was approximately the very same in contrast to Modern Warfare 3 , and gamers were not in the touch to keep quite and accept their $60 investment .


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