Call of Duty: Roman Wars was going to be a game built on Unreal Engine. Initially, it would be developed by Victarious Visions, the studio who subsequently worked in Skylanders. The title would have a view similar to third person (like Gears of Wars), and includes parts that would be only used in first person. Players could have embodied Romans soldiers as officers and strategist and even Julius Caesar himself. It would have siege towers, fight on horseback and even the ability to assemble and use war elephants.

Call of Duty: Roman Wars Was Not Considered Seriously – Activision

Call of Duty: Roman Wars

It was recently reported that the game set in ancient Rome got canceled for some of the reasons as mentioned by Activision after leaked footage and screenshot. Although, the game looked pretty much good.

The publisher has issued a statement of clarification regarding the game which was being speculated soon after footage, according to which, the main idea for the game was proposed by a former employee and the concept of the game was not taken seriously by the studio.

“The game concept was proposed by a former employee while working at the studio, but was not seriously considered nor requested to move to prototype,”

Recently, GamesRadar posted the footage of ‘lost’ Call of Duty game after the screenshots appeared over the internet. It was reported that the game was being discussed by the studio back in 2008. Stay tuned for more updates!