In recent weeks, there have been several leaks suggesting that Call of Duty can return to the realities of World War II. Supporters of such a solution are not missing, but it seems that the developers have a slightly different plan.

Black Ops 2 was also become as a source of confusion, which is still played by a lot of players. Pretty soon it turned out that in addition to the announced items it will bring to the game at first glance, nothing significant, but in fact noteworthy items.

The posters, which you can see below during the game appeared because of Snapchat hack. There were lots of players who chose to scan them, and this point begins to guess that lead to the conclusion that the new Call of Duty is probably Black Ops 3. The information provided in this way, the materials appear to fit most precisely to this subseries, and besides, not without significance is the game in which it was hidden. What’s more, this year there will be a Call of Duty from Treyarch studio, the creators of both parts of Black Ops.

The next weeks will bring us out of this conundrum probably. Below you can see while being the culprit of all this confusion videos.



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