Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, a new installment to the famous shooter franchise Call of Duty was leaked and then confirmed by the developing studio Infinity Ward a couple of months ago.

The developer has provided some information and we also saw gameplay footages that showcase plenty of action in the space and futuristic world. And recently, during the Comic-Con event in San Diego, publisher Activision and the Infinity Ward revealed some more details regarding the characters included in the upcoming Infinite Warfare.

Below are the details of four characters of the game;

cod infinite warfare

Starting first with the Captain Nick Reyes from S.C.A.R. Team 1, which is played by Brian Bloom (co-writer of the game). Reyes is a warrior and an incredible loyal who believes wholeheartedly in his cause. After his captain and XO of the ship gets killed, he steps forward in the battle.

call of duty infinite warfare

Then comes Lieutenant Nora Salter from the same S.C.A.R. Team 1 and partner of Reyes, played by Jamie Gray Hyder. Both were partners and equal in the ranks until Reyes got promoted, which results in new dynamics between the two of them as Salter gets uncomfortable with that.

ethan infinite warfare

Then we have Ethan, an enhanced artificial humanoid assigned to assist Capt. Reyes, Ethen is played by Jeffrey Nordling, who is programmed, trained for the warfare and carries out the command of his captain.

Omar cod infinite warfare

And the last one is Staff Sergeant Omar, who is played by David Harewood. Sergeant Omar is an old fashioned soldier and a war winning champion who can fight in any place such as space, field, trenches etc. He is a traditional fighter who doesn’t believe in technology, which leads to tension between Ethan and Omar.

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is set for release on November 4th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: DualShockers