Thanks to the official presentation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 by Activision and Treyarch. Today we will talk about the one of the most important aspects of the Black Ops franchise, which is none other than Zombies mode, one of the most successful in the series.

Activision has introduced the renewed Zombies mode of Black Ops 4, where we can enjoy three completely different modes, moving to environments far more distant temporarily than we might think at first. In the trajectory of this way, we will travel through time to three totally different experiences, including baptized as Voyage of Despair set in the Titanic, IX located in the epoch of the Roman Empire, and Blood of the Dead.

In Voyage of Despair  we will place ourselves in the Titanic with some charismatic characters called Scarlet, Bruno, Diego and Shaw.In this adventure, we will try to steal an artifact in the historic ship an unidentified evil character manages to activate the spell transforming the whole world into zombies.

In the experience of IX, we will travel to the Roman Empire and we will face a sect called ‘Ancient Order’. Here we will put ourselves in the shoes of gladiators and we will have to survive the hordes of slaves turned into zombies through a spell.

Finally, Blood of the Dead is the last of the maps presented and undoubtedly our favorite. In this case we could not enjoy a trailer, but a teaser in which we can see the legendary characters,  Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Ritchtofen.