As every year, we received leaked information about the new Call of Duty. This time, through marketing materials posted via Reddit, where you can find many details about the campaign, the multiplayer mode and Black Ops 3 zombies mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be released on November 6: Others Details


Black Ops zombies mode 3 is apparently new in the franchisee, the campaign will have the possibility of online cooperative play for up to four players, using the same structure connecting the zombies and multiplayer mode. It points to a “type game arena, cinematic” besides being a way “designed to coop and replayability.”

According to the leak, the characters of the campaign will be fully customizable, both in their weapon and equipment, and the skills and costumes, which makes us suspect that the conservative formula will become more like Borderlands.

Information about the multiplayer mode ensures that you have a “new system chained movement based on momentum,” which allow players to “move fluidly through the environment with elegance, using controlled jumps swept driven, and displaying skills in as many combinations.

The multiplayer mode of Black Ops 3 has maps “developed from scratch” (which is something we all hope) to adapt to these new systems of fluid movements.

Finally, filtration reveals that the Zombies mode will -created by the Treyarch- own with a new story, described as a “complete game experience with its own characteristic argument.” It will have its own character progression system that will provide the “most impressive and ambitious Call of Duty Zombies so far.”

Definitely, something will change in the campaign mode, but the rest seems to be more of the same.What does not mean it will be bad.

A previous filtration revealed that this Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be released on November 6. The first week of the month, as every year. There are some Rumor that those who make the pre-purchase of this year, will have access to a closed beta of pre-release.




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