There are many gamers who are still playing games on last-Gen consoles and if you are a call of duty fan and preparing to buy call of duty Advanced warfare then this news might Interest you. Well, those of you who are going to buy a downloadable Call of duty Advanced warfare copy for last-Gen consoles will be able to get a Call of duty advanced warfare copy for your current-Gen console, let it be Xbox one or PlayStation 4.

Will Advanced Warfare sell less than Call of duty Ghosts?

Activision just announced this recently and it is same as the previous year Call of Duty: Ghosts but don’t worry this time you will not pay $10 for the upgrade. Now you can only buy the digital copy to get the current-Gen copy because it connects to the Xbox live account if you have or your PlayStation Network account. Well then if you are just thinking that you will get a free Xbox one/PS4 physical copy and sell it to your friend while you play the Last-Gen version, then that’s not happening sorry. Now you will be able to enjoy both the last-Gen and the current-Gen version of the game.

Now let’s see if you got an Xbox 360 and you are planning to buy a PS4 and then buy call of duty Advanced warfare for Xbox 360 and you think you will get PS4 version for free, it is not happening. Keep in mind that it will only work from Xbox 360 to Xbox one and PS3 to PS4.



Some of you may be worried that the achievements you have gathered in the last-Gen console you will have to gather it again in the Current-Gen consoles but in that case, don’t worry. You can easily transfer your multiplayer stats and gears, also you can transfer the downloadable contents you have purchased which includes the season pass also. If you are thinking of upgrading a free game then you better buy a last-Gen version of Call of duty Advanced warfare before March 31, 2015, but you can transfer your DLC or profess to the current-Gen at any time even after March 31, 2015.

So if you want to do this then you have to log in to the same account in which you made your purchase, and then just browsing to it in the respective console’s store.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be available on November 4 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Xbox one and Xbox 360. You can also get your copy one day earlier if you pre-order the day zero edition.

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