Back in February this year, Activision revealed that this year’s Call of Duty will be going ‘back to its roots’. The decision was made after facing big disappointments with the recent installments in the popular franchise.

The studio has realized that the fans are not happy with Call of Duty being set in a futuristic world and having advanced sort of weapons. Soon after the announcement, we saw alleged promotional art images of the new title and it was reported that the game will be called as Call of Duty: WWII.

However, a new report has been surfacing over the internet suggesting that the developer team will reveal the next Call of Duty this weekend. A NeoGAF user posted that IGN is going to tease something big this weekend while Kotaku’s senior editor Jason Schreier also jumped in and announced that the studio is going to reveal Call of Duty.

Here’s the tweet he made while responding to a follower;

Jason Schreier is known for leaking details of other games, from Activision as well so it can be assumed that the word might be proven accurate. Uptill now, it is confirmed that the game will not feature any futuristic setting and the game is under development by Sledgehammer.

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According to Sledgehammer Games, they are currently working on their biggest project till date and the fans are ‘gonna go nuts’. Nothing more has been revealed about the game and lets see if they really release a trailer this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates!

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