Lately, Video game developers seem to be fooling PC gamers on minimum requirements and especially the recommended requirements. For example, to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the recommended setting’s you must have atleast Graphics card with 4GB of VRAM, which is only offered by the latest flagship cards from both the companies. Sledgehammer Games also locked the executable microprocessors using two cores handicapping CPU intensive situations. However the game is perfectly playable and works like a charm with the processors like the baseline Core CPU from Intel, namely, the Core i3 (all generations), the budget beast Pentium G3258 or the Llanos architecture based APU from AMD, the A4-5300.

Therefore, we provide you the link  (Copy the link and download .EXE using Internet Explorer) to a modified .EXE file that allows them to bypass these ridiculous restrictions. 

People, who are worried about the 4Gb Ram fix solution, there is one bad news for them. At Max setting’s on 1080p resolution, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is consuming 6.5Gb Ram, sometime 7Gb also. So, maybe Ram Fix will not out for this game.

If we summarize the game theme in one paragraph. The game is circulating around the Private Military Company (PMC) or “soldier of fortune”, this organization is lead by Kevin Spacey, who turns against the US government. The Game is somewhat like Crysis series in which you are equipped with a set of exosuit armor, which will allow you to do super jumps, scale buildings, cloak yourself and tear the vehicles.

An Update has been released, please download the New Version of modified .exe from HERE

  • Shuvo Kumar

    nice site bro

    • Thanks

      • Giuliano

        Malik.. is not work crack for COD AW for played Dual Core CPU.. i have Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.7Ghz.. i have 6Gb Ram DDR3 with 1333Mhz, Nvidia Geforce PNY XLR8 GTX460 1Gb, 256Bit, Pixel Shader 5, GDDR5 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64.. Tell me please how resolve this problem?

        • Giuliano

          RESOLVED. 😉 😛

          • Aman Dutis

            how you resolved?

          • Giuliano

            Guys, is simple: Go to Copy Crack Codex image virtual game and 2step: Go to Copy this Crack version runing Dual Core CPU: = VOALA !! 😉

          • Rahul

            You mean first copy codex/reloaded crack and then this dual core crack, right?

          • Giuliano

            Copy CODEX for 1st step and for finish.. 2st step Copy this Crack: = Play !! 🙂

          • Please download the new version of modified .exe, link is added.

          • joey saraceno

            how did u fix this?

          • Ron

            Well? What’s the fix?

      • Alexandru Ciubotariu

        an we get a rehost of the Exe file?

  • Baz Inga

    “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application” What do?

    • Go to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Setup and right click go to the properties,compatibility and tick the box with windows 7 compatibility and apply settings and you are good to go run the setup…enjoy and i can even tell you the error you are receiving 0xc0000142 was-ant it its common for other games also like hitman retribution also.

      Also Install .Net framework 4.0

      • Baz Inga

        Didn’t work.
        I have windows 7 and .Net framework 4.5.1 installed.

        • This error was also present in Hitman absolution. Do some google on the “Hitman absolution (0xc0000142)”. Sorry I didn’t help much.

      • Allan Zurita

        same here didn’t work

  • Sayan Poddar

    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)

    • You must be using Windows 8.1? This error was also present in hitman absolution.

      Follow these steps:

      1. Open the original location of the setup file which it is located.
      2. Right Click on the setup file
      3. Click on Properties
      4. Now we can find the “Compatibility Tab” Click on it.
      5. Now we can find Compatibility Mode on it .. Check the “Run the Program in compatibility mode for:” and from the drop down we can chose the desired OS / if you don’t find your OS try to select the equivalent OS.
      6. After Selecting everything Click Ok.

      Now your file is ready to overcome your error. Now you install and enjoy the features.

      • Sayan Poddar

        i have already done it .i have aslo install net framework and direct x and microsft c++ …but still getting 0xc0000142) error :/ … i think u also need to upload the steam_api ,steam_api64.dll ,steamclient.dll

      • Suraj

        hi , i have a windows 8 but its not showing the option its showing for windows vista, windows vista service pack 1, windows vista service pack 2, or windows 7, which one shall i pick?

  • Henrik

    I get Steam must be running to play this game.. Even though steam is running

  • ghostone

    for multiplayer ?

    • No. SP

      • ghostone

        where can i find one for multiplayer?

      • ghostone

        where can i find the multiplayer file?

  • awerawr

    it SAYS steam must be running to pleay this game

  • Tomek

    thank you 🙂

  • Nick

    Please Can I get one for multiplayer thanks:)

  • awerawr

    multiplayer. when does the multiplayer come out?

  • Suraj

    hi , i have a i7 windows 8, with 1 gb graphic card and a 8 gb ram… neither the multiplayer works nor the campaign as the map does not load it gets stuck at 35%

  • Andrey Savchenko

    where does this patch come from?
    as i can see there is not much difference in the code
    maybe there is solution for MP?

  • joey saraceno

    wait it says we need to download an EXE but when i click the link its a RAR, my friend got his working off this but i cannot. doesnt make sence, it says its an EXE then u download a RAR. do i need some sort of file converter?

    • You have to extract it with RAR my friend. We can’t upload the .exe directly dure to the virus stfuu. and Please download the new version of modified .exe, link is added.

  • Andrey Savchenko

    omg rar is the archive.u must extract its content to ur CoD folder and rewrite existing .exe file

  • joey saraceno

    multiplayer soon plz 🙂

  • joey saraceno

    ik im annoying but i NEED to play mp got a 5 day weekend comin up #hurry

  • joey saraceno

    and if anyone finds a multiplayer one plz link

  • Aritra Dattagupta

    0xc0000142 error. Any way to fix this? Tried installing visual c++, dot net and other drivers.

    • shikercho

      i have the same problem i tried everything but 0xc0000142 error is still here 😀

      • Please download the new version of modified .exe, link is added.

    • Michael Mayo

      Just right click the application and run it as admin. It’ll bypass everything.

  • Prosinecki

    No multiplayer yet?

  • Guest

    Im getting an error “Steam must be running to play this game”. Yes Steam is running and yes I bought the game (Didn’t pirate it). I tried running s1_sp64_ship.exe as administrator and that didn’t seem to help either. I tried renaming ClientRegistry.Blob, I tried restarting Steam, still nothing. Someone help.

    • Unky

      You need to start it via steam, double-clicking it will not work. It worked for me.
      Also, this is only for sp. HOPEFULLY the mp patch will be out soon

  • Calax Righetti

    The exe is bullshit don’t download it it doesn’t work

    • Please download the new version of modified .exe, link is added.

  • joey saraceno for multiplayer but u gotta get through the offers which im not for some reason

    • Sugar

      gameserrors is phishing site. All of their ‘fixes’ are links to fileflame, which is a website that forces users to sign up with promotional offers to get access to a file. The catch? There is no file and filling in the promotional offers sends your information (which you just entered) to the site that linked you to fileflame- in this case,

      Avoid the site, it’s fake.

      • joey saraceno

        so we wait for these people to make a mp one?

  • joey saraceno

    it worked for me (sp) btw

  • Sugar

    Is a MP fix even possible or is there some problem regarding VAC or something that is going to fuck it up?

  • joey saraceno

    mp plz

  • joey saraceno

    me want a mp one

  • ghostone

    so any news about multiplayer?

  • Sam Bartlett

    Fatal error: steam must be running….any help?

    • Please download the new version of modified .exe, link is added.

    • Edgar

      Do you solve that problem ? i have same steam must be running…

  • shehry

    plz help me bro………..once again i am posting it……this (steam must be running to play this game) could not be solved…….plz help

  • dzubas

    why i can t play mp ? ;c i’ve got orginal version.

  • Ryan

    The file was taken down, are there any alternate links?

  • “Steam must be running to play this game”. I purchased this from a street vendor.

    Even when starting from Steam, it says “Steam must be running”. Is there a way to get it to work?

  • sauravbeebeegamez

    Oh god.. you guys can buy phones and tabs of budgets dollar, why don’t you save it for atleast amd fx 4100 or i3 3220 perhaps? The mentality of gamers now a days. still dreaming to play in dual core. Losers

  • Muhammad Kashif

    “Fatal Error steam must be running to play this game” I Am researching for the solution about 10 hours and ain’t find one need help????????????????i tried the solution of installing the steam uninstalling it again restarting my pc but none work my pc is dual core e8500.

  • Muhammad Kashif

    “steam must be running to play this game” Any chance of fixing that error cause i searched a lot and find none useful results?

    • Shan BuzdAr

      use crack,which contains 3 files of (steam.api) like that

  • Shan BuzdAr

    I have lenovo i5 G510 with AMD Radeon HD 8570M…..Then why the hell this game is not assigning AMD graphic card instead of intel(R) HD graphics 4600…Ihave updated the drivers e.g AMD catalysts etc.I am tried of this plaese help???