Lately, Video game developers seem to be fooling PC gamers on minimum requirements and especially the recommended requirements. For example, to play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the recommended setting’s you must have atleast Graphics card with 4GB of VRAM, which is only offered by the latest flagship cards from both the companies. Sledgehammer Games also locked the executable microprocessors using two cores handicapping CPU intensive situations. However the game is perfectly playable and works like a charm with the processors like the baseline Core CPU from Intel, namely, the Core i3 (all generations), the budget beast Pentium G3258 or the Llanos architecture based APU from AMD, the A4-5300.

Therefore, we provide you the link  (Copy the link and download .EXE using Internet Explorer) to a modified .EXE file that allows them to bypass these ridiculous restrictions. 

People, who are worried about the 4Gb Ram fix solution, there is one bad news for them. At Max setting’s on 1080p resolution, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is consuming 6.5Gb Ram, sometime 7Gb also. So, maybe Ram Fix will not out for this game.

If we summarize the game theme in one paragraph. The game is circulating around the Private Military Company (PMC) or “soldier of fortune”, this organization is lead by Kevin Spacey, who turns against the US government. The Game is somewhat like Crysis series in which you are equipped with a set of exosuit armor, which will allow you to do super jumps, scale buildings, cloak yourself and tear the vehicles.

An Update has been released, please download the New Version of modified .exe from HERE

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