If a ranking from the Pan European Game Information board is everything to go by, then it is probable that developer Moss’ Xbox 360 shoot’em up Caladrius is in fact headed for the West. However mostly a developer, the ranking in fact places the SHMUP’s publisher underneath Moss as perfectly, leading us to believe that the game will very likely be downloadable and not a retail launch.

For the uninitiated, Caladrius introduced April 2013 completely in Japan on the 360 even though an enhanced port underneath the title, Caladrius Blaze, unveiled on the PlayStation 3 past August, and highlighted additional figures, stages, and modes. It need to be intriguing to see which edition of the recreation we get. However, there’s no launch day at this time, so stay tuned for further more details.

For a look at the game, watch the initial trailer underneath.