At MWC 2014 the most awaited Smartphone from Samsung has been relieved the Samsung Galaxy S5, but what will sell much money? Is said to be cheaper than the Galaxy S4, but who do not know the specific number, if you care more about the application, it is certainly right to buy, because Samsung is giving gifts worth more than $ 575 comes with a variety of services to almost the top of a machine till now.

These applications and services include health, information, pay, social, management, gaming, cloud storage and other aspects of a total of up to 15 models, as follows:

  • Run Keeper: the value of $ 20 a year Advanced Services
  • Lark : the value of $ 36 a year Advanced Services
  • Skimble : six months worth $ 42 Senior Services
  • Map My Fitness : six months worth $ 36 Senior Services
  • The Wall Street Journal”: the value of $ 160 for six month subscription
  • Bloomberg Business Week : the value of $ 30 a year subscription
  • PayPal : $ 50 worth of coupons
  • LinkedIn : three months worth $ 75 senior account
  • Easily Do Pro : worth $ 5
  • Blurb : coupons worth $ 5
  • Cut the Rope 2 : the value of the $ 10 game purchase
  • Flick DAT : the value of $ 2
  • Box : six months worth $ 60 50GB cyberspace
  • Bitcasa : 1TB worth $ 30 in three months cyberspace
  • Evernote : the value of $ 15 for three months of advanced services
Buy Galaxy S5  Gifts worth more than $575

Buy Galaxy S5 Gifts worth more than $575

Prior to this, Pro Galaxy Note 12.2, Galaxy Tab 12.2 two large flat-Pro has similar promotions. Foreign users should especially like, but certainly in the different markets vary, domestic harder to say.

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