Ex co-founder of the Criterion, Alex Ward from his Twitter account announced that the studio is working on a new racing game. Criterion Games was responsible for developing famous racing franchise, Burnout.

Burnout Developers Working on a New Racing Game

Alex Ward and his partner Fiona Sperry left Criterion two years ago and both of them founded a new small indie studio named as Three Fields Entertainment, which developed first of its game namely Dangerous Golf. Developers claimed that the game was a mixture of Burnout, Black and NBA Jam, created on the Unreal Engine 4.

Developer Alex Ward announced that a new racing game is under development. “Work has begun on a driving game” he wrote in his tweet. While no further details related to the new game were shared. It appears that the game will be familiar with Burnout game, which is apparently the best from both of them. It was an open world racing game featured with insane destruction.

No further details regarding the game were revealed, but it is expected that the developer will soon reveal something related to the new project. Stay tuned for more updates!